Manufacturing and quality

The identification of jadeite jade

1.Where is the Cotton vpower producted?

Angorabbit cotton is produced by ShenZhen LION ECO Co., Ltd.

 In China and export to worldwide .

2.Is this product healthy and safe?

Angorabbit cotton is pure natural cotton without any chemical addition.

3.What is the angorabbit cotton(orange)?

Angorabbit cotton share(orange) 100% all natural cotton. It is created professionally for vapers to get the better taste of the e-juicy. It has high resistance to heat, long service life, and easy  to use.


4.What is the angorabbit cotton(black)?


Angorabbit cotton adopts the highest quality 100% organic cotton and removes the cotton impurities through the exclusive process to ensure a better vaping experience.
1.No peculiar smell,better to restore the original e-liquids taste.
2.Each burning for 20 seconds,burning for 3 times in a row,no burning smell absolutely.
It has higher resistance to heat, longer life.

5.How can i get samples?

If requires samples ,please pay $30 shipping fee,2pcs of each version can be given

 for free.

6.When do you ship the item out ?

Once our finance confirm the payment as received, we will arrange the shipping to you within next working day.

7. How will the goods be transported by the way?

      How long is the transport time?

Unless specifical request, the goods will only be sent out by us through UPS/DHL.

The general delivery time is 10 days. During the peak-season, the shipping delivery

will be delay doubled the time based on the shipping line’s situation. If you have cooperated shipping company or shipping agents,  you can also use your own shipping, we respect the buyer’s choice.

8.What are the payment terms?

Sample can accept PayPal, the normal order please transfer to the company account.

9. How do I get wholesale pricing?

Please leave a message to us with your general request, our professional team will contact you as soon as possible.  Link: contact us